The Methodist Church in Scotland – Ayrshire and Renfrewshire Circuit

Praying Through October In Ayrshire and Renfrewshire Circuit

DateRead, Consider, Pray
1Read:Genesis 1: 29-31
Consider:“Give us this day our daily bread.” What do those words mean for us today? Do we want more than our daily bread?
Pray:Give thanks that our needs are met. Pray for those who struggle to provide the basics, both here and across the world.
2Read:Genesis 8: 6-12
Consider: Noah and his family were in the Ark for 365 days, four seasons. It could be fun to read the full story and count the days for yourself. The dove returned with a sign of Peace. Is there something or someone you long to be at peace with?
Pray:Ask God to help you be at peace.
3Read:Genesis 11: 1-9
Consider:What does it mean when we say, “I don’t speak his/her language”? Do we always speak of God in a way that others can understand?
Pray:That those we contact will see and hear the Spirit of God through what we say and do.
4Read:Psalm 28: 7
Consider:How easy it is for Christians to fully trust in God? When do we allow self-interest to direct us and when do we allow God to take over?
Pray:Praise God for those times when you have been assured of God’s hand in your life.
5Read:1 Corinthians 1: 1-3
Consider:Ecclesiastes tells us that two are better than one and that a cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Our circuit consists of three congregations, what are the benefits of circuit life?
Pray:For the Church Council at Barrhead meeting this evening to seek the best way forward for their continued mission.
6Read:Hebrews 2: 5-9
Consider:Who is your hero, past or present? What is there about that person that warrants your admiration?
Pray:For those in our Government and devolved Governments that they may use their authority for the good of all people.
7Read:1 Peter 4: 10-11
Consider:Each one of us is called. What gifts/skills can you offer to further the mission of the church and circuit?
Pray:For our Minister, Robert; for those who regularly minister to us; for Chris and for Malcolm; for those who preach in our churches.

DateRead, Consider, Pray
8Read:Mark 1: 29-31
Consider:With restrictions imposed to keep us safe, feelings of isolation are becoming a major concern. Is there someone you could regularly check in with?
Pray:For those who feel isolated; those who find it difficult to express their anxiety; that the Spirit would show you a way to connect with another.
9Read:Psalm 62: 5-8
Consider:What has been important to you during this pandemic?
Pray:Tell God how you feel today. Tell him what is concerning you. Tell him what is bringing you joy.
10Read:Hebrews 4: 12-13
Consider:What scripture verse has touched you recently? Has it made you think or act in a different way?
Pray:Thank God for his Word, which can transform men and women and situations of personal and national significance.
11Read:Revelation 4: 11
Consider:We are not allowed to sing in church just now. What else can you do to offer praise?
Pray:For the congregation at Paisley Methodist Central Hall, who plan to return to worship today; for those who still wait.
12Read:Numbers 27: 15 – 17
Consider:Numbers attending weddings are restricted due to Covid-19. Some celebrations have been tinged with sadness as a result. Has that been your experience?
Pray:That we may all find new ways of sharing and celebrating together.
13Read:Psalm 84: 1-3
Consider:Do you have a special place, a special time set aside to meet with God? Where do you feel closest to God?
Pray:Thank God that he meets us where we are and hears us even when words seem inadequate.
14Read:Jeremiah 32: 6-15
Consider:What were your hopes for this year 2020? Have they been dashed? Have you found a new hope?
Pray:For those who have lost hope; for those whose lives have been so disrupted that they can’t see a way forward; for the Church to rise to the challenge and offer the Truth given to us in Jesus Christ.

DateRead, Consider, Pray
15Read:James 1: 5
Consider:Have you ever asked the question, “Why is this happening (to me)?”
Pray:For the Circuit Invitation Committee, who will be receiving Profiles of Presbyters in Stationing; for wisdom and discernment as they seek God’s will for the circuit.
16Read:Jeremiah : 2: 7
Consider:When did you last receive a letter, card or email which encouraged you? Is there someone you can write to with a word of encouragement today?
Pray:For the congregation at Girvan as they tentatively look to meeting again.
17Read: Esther 4: 14
Consider:“For such a time as this,” is a phrase which invokes courage and hope. It involves much more than one pivotal moment; it involves trusting God right where we are.
Pray:That we will be directed by the Spirit to live as God’s people in Ayrshire and Renfrewshire Circuit trusting him for our time and place.
18Read:Psalm 150
Consider:What do you praise God for today? How do you express that praise?
Pray:For the Church in every part of the world praising God today by whatever means are allowed.
19Read:John Wesley’s final words, “The best of all is, God is with us.”
Consider:What is your best of all? What are you holding on to to get you through the day?
Pray:Ask God to assure you of his presence with you today.
20Read:Matthew 5: 13-16
Consider:Jesus used common objects to teach lessons. Valuable salt; necessary light; Could your testimony help change someone’s perception?
Pray:For courage to share what is important to you as you live your life of faith.
21Read:Revelation 21: 1-5
Consider:Do you have a favourite picture or photograph? Take time to look at it. Do you notice anything new about it?
Pray:For those who feel marginalised, forgotten; for those we walk past in the street today who we would usually not acknowledge.

DateRead, Consider, Pray
22Read:Luke 1: 39-45
Consider:How family life and relationships have changed recently. How have these changes affected you?
Pray:For families who are struggling at the moment; for those where unemployment looms; for those who are grieving; for those who are trying to keep life ‘normal’ for children; for those who are separated by the restrictions.
23Read:Acts 12: 1-16
Consider:What makes a good story? Do you know any other stories in the Bible that are equally exciting?
Pray:For teachers and preachers and all who tell stories to feed the imagination and invoke freedom of thought.
24Read:Colossians 2: 6-8
Consider:What’s your story? Who told you about Jesus? Did you listen first time round?
Pray:Give thanks for those who shared their stories and showed you by example what it meant to be rooted and built up in Christ
25Read:Isaiah 6: 1-8
Consider:Have you ever responded to God with the words, “Here I am, send me”? Is God calling you to be more involved in the mission of your church?
Pray:For those in your local church and those in the circuit who carry responsibility; for Robert, giving thanks for his ministry among us
26Read:John 15: 9-17
Consider:What words jump out at you from this passage?
Pray:Give thanks that the teaching of Jesus assures us that when we pray in his name God hears us.
27Read:Hebrews 11: 9-12
Consider:Abraham’s faith was great, and God blessed him more than he could have imagined. Jesus said that faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains. Amazing fact!
Pray:In faith for those things that seem too great to mention; for those issues in your life that concern you; for what seems impossible to imagine; know that God sees, not how great is your faith but rather that you have faith.
28Read:Mark 10: 13-16
Consider:What lessons can we learn from children in these days?
Pray:For children and young people of our time; for the joy that children bring; for the way they can adapt to change; for Action for Children seeking to help children and young people who have to deal with untold pressures.
29Read:Acts 20: 7-12
Consider:When is a sermon deemed too long? When it exceeds 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes? Does time matter? Why?
Pray:For Robert and all who preach in our circuit, that the Word of God will bring life to all who hear it.
30Read:Numbers 6: 24-26
Consider:When someone sneezes, we say automatically, “Bless you”. Are there other occasions when you could say, “Bless you”, and do you?
Pray:Tell out my soul, the greatness of the Lord!
Unnumbered blessings give my spirit voice;
Tender to me the promise of his Word;
In God my Saviour shall my heart rejoice.
31Read:Philippians 1: 2-11
Consider:We are called to encourage one another, to build each other up. How can you encourage one another, in your local church, to witness to the Love of God in Jesus in these challenging times?
Pray:Pray for the congregations at Barrhead, Girvan and Paisley as we await news from Round 1 of the Stationing Committee; give thanks for the faithful witness over many years and for new opportunities of mission in the days to come.