The Methodist Church in Scotland – Ayrshire and Renfrewshire Circuit

Praying Through July In Ayrshire and Renfrewshire Circuit

1Read:Psalm 85: 10-13
Consider:As new growth springs from the earth to bless all living things, so the sunshine and the warm summer rain are given to nurture the harvest.
Pray:For our circuit as we begin to explore new ways of mission, and discern God’s will for our three churches in Barrhead, Girvan and Paisley.
2Read:Luke 14: 28-33
Consider:What is the task of the Church in these days? Verse 33 suggests that a half-hearted effort will not complete the task. What do you think the cost of full commitment to the ongoing ministry might demand of us?
Pray:For courage to acknowledge before God those things that often take precedence over his call on your life.
3Read:John 20: 24-29
Consider:“Seeing is believing but feeling is the truth.” This is a quote from the 17th century clergyman, Rev Thomas Fuller. Perhaps it’s the case that we can’t always believe what we see? Discovering truth is an inner experience which makes what we see reality.
Pray:Use the words of Thomas, “My Lord and my God!” as your prayer today.
4Read:Acts 2: 42-47
Consider:Fellowship brings joy, encouragement and refreshment to God’s people through sharing one with another.
Pray:For those being received into membership today at Paisley; for the small congregation at Girvan, meeting together this afternoon to share fellowship and look to the future.
5Read:Ephesians 5: 8-10
Consider:How do you read verse 10? Do you see these words as an instruction or as a promise?
Pray:For your family and friends; for your neighbourhood; for yourself.
6Read:Psalm 139: 1-12
Consider:The Psalmist is overawed at the thought of the greatness of God touching his life and that the all-present God walks with him. Read the passage once more and contemplate what this means for you.
Pray:Thank God for all that you have learned of him thus far.
7Read:Matthew 7: 13-14
Consider:If we are to live as disciples of Jesus, we need to accept that all efforts of worth and excellence can be difficult. But that doesn’t mean difficulties can’t be overcome. The work of salvation through Jesus Christ is enough to spur us on to be our utmost for his highest.
Pray:Thank God for his Holy Spirit whose power helps us to be overcomers and leads us on to celebrate the glory of God with us.

8Read:Romans 8: 31-39
Consider:The truth is — it is impossible for any one of us to get beyond God’s reach!
Pray:For our Minister, Robert, and all who preach and teach in our circuit.
9Read:John 1: 41-51
Consider:“The Methodist Way of Life” encourages us to make time to read from scripture and to pray daily; to worship God on everyday occasions. The time will come when God will call us out to be more than we think we can be.
Pray:That time spent in everyday worship will be a time of learning and preparation for all that God will ask of us.
10Read:John 13: 1-15
Consider:What are your plans for today?
How do feel when your plans are disrupted?
Pray:For an opportunity today to be prepared to do something unexpected for another person.
11Read:Ephesians 3: 14-21
Consider:“For this reason…” Paul reminds the Ephesians that they are members of the body of Christ and that they have access to the fullness of God. So, he prays that his readers may be strengthened in the power of the Spirit.
Pray:For friends at Barrhead, who hope to meet this afternoon to share fellowship and to look to the future.
12Read:Exodus 7: 8-13
Consider:Pharoah’s heart became hard (verse 13). If you read on you will see that it took a further nine warnings and further demonstration of God’s power before Pharoah allowed the Children of Israel to leave Egypt. Stubbornness is a common human trait. Redemption is a work of God.
Pray:Jesus — the prisoner’s fetters breaks, and bruises Satan’s head;
Power into strengthless souls it speaks, and life into the dead.
O that the world might taste and see the riches of his grace!
The arms of love that compass me would all the earth embrace.

Charles Wesley (1707-1788)  

13Read:Isaiah 6: 1-8
Consider:Where do you look for God? Where do you expect to see him at work? How do you read verse 8?
Pray:Give thanks for Jesus, who came to earth to teach us about the nature and power of Almighty God; give thanks that through Jesus we can see and know God as Father.
14Read:1 Chronicles 16: 7-11
Consider:Songs of praise lift the spirits! What is your favourite song/hymn of praise? What do you like about it?
Pray:For the congregation at Paisley; for members of the Church Council meeting this evening.

15Read:2 Peter 1: 1-11
Consider:Peter used his experience of his life with Christ to encourage others in their life of faith. He knew the trials of living that life of faith, but more than this, he knew the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit and abundant blessings of persevering in faith..
Pray:For our Minister, Robert; for those who have encouraged you throughout your life of faith; for those you might seek to encourage.
16Read:Luke 15: 1-7
Consider:There is a stark difference in attitude between the Pharisees and teachers of the law and that of the shepherd.
What strikes you about this story?
Pray:For those who do not yet know that they are loved by God; for an opportunity to share what you know about that love with someone else.
17Read:Luke 19: 1-10;16-21
Consider:Was it curiosity that led Zacchaeus to climb up the sycamore tree or was it as a result of hearing about the one who accepted everyone no matter who they were or what they had done?
Pray:For those who are on the margins of our society; those who need to know that they are loved and accepted just as they are.
18Read:Mark 6: 30-44
Consider:Those in need rarely ask for help at a convenient time. Those in need usually need more than we think that we have to give. Jesus asks only that we use what we have, and he’ll take care of the rest.
Pray:Beauty for brokenness, hope for despair,
Lord, in your suffering world this is our prayer.
Bread for the children, justice, joy, peace, sunrise to sunset, your kingdom increase!
God of the poor, friend of the weak, give us compassion we pray:
Melt our cold hearts, let tears fall like rain;
Come, change our love from a spark to a flame.

Graham Kendrick (b 1950) StF 693  

19Read:Psalm 28: 7
Consider: How easy is it for Christians to fully trust in God? When do we allow self-interest to direct us, and when do we allow God to take over?
Pray:Praise God for those times when you have been assured of God’s hand in your life.
20Read:Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8
Consider:Humanity has no control over time and seasons of change. God alone determines time and the changes that will be worked through each season.
Pray:That in our time, we might be aware of the power and presence of God with us.
21Read:Psalm 8
Consider:This Psalm inspired the writer of the hymn, How Great Thou Art. Almighty God, who created the splendour of the heavens and the beauty of the earth, knows and loves each one of us individually.
Pray:Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to thee:
how great thou art, how great thou art!
Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to thee:
how great thou art, how great thou art!

Stuart K Hine (1899-1989) StF 82  

22Read:Ephesians 1: 15-23
Consider:Paul prays for the Church to know God’s hope, God’s inheritance and God’s power. We have these already. Let’s pray that we know and cherish what we have been given in Jesus Christ.
Pray:For our three congregations in Barrhead, Girvan and Paisley, that we will all know and experience the renewing power of the Spirit.
23Read:John 3: 16
Consider:This is the gospel message, known all over the world.
Pray:For those who still have not heard or accepted this message.
24Read:Matthew 5: 13-16
Consider:Salt and light have properties which affect things around them. How can we influence our surroundings and circumstances?
Pray:For the Church, that we would reflect the glory of God in all we seek to do in the world.
25Read:John 6: 35-40
Consider:Bread, to the Jews, was a gift from God. Jesus — God’s gift to the world!
Pray:For Robert, who prepares to retire (again). Give thanks for his ministry among us and the gifts he has shared with us over the last three years.
26Read:Matthew 20: 29-34
Consider:Mark and Luke mention only one blind man (Bartimaeus) but it is possible that two or more were healed!
How many suffer without being noticed?
Pray:For those who suffer in isolation; those who suffer in silence; those whose suffering is being overlooked.
27Read:Luke 10: 38-42
Consider:We are all different. Some like to keep busy while others like to reflect quietly. We are all valued and have purpose in the Kingdom.
Pray:That in the quiet moments or in the busyness of today, you will find time for Jesus.
28Read:Psalm 23
Consider:“He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.”
The Shepherd leads his sheep along paths to keep them safe and secure and in doing this he honours his reputation as a shepherd.
Pray:For wisdom to follow in the ways of God so that all you seek to do will bring glory to him.
29Read:Titus 2: 11-14
Consider:Grace is a spontaneous gift from God to all — it offers acceptance, forgiveness, restoration and the fullness of life.
Pray:Amazing grace — how sweet the sound — that saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found, was blind, but now I see.
God’s grace has taught my heart to fear, his grace my fears relieved;
how precious did that grace appear the hour I first believed!

John Newton (1725-1807) StF 440  

30Read:Hebrews 4: 12-13
Consider:God’s word separates the truth from the lie by sharply cutting to the quick. God’s word is alive in three ways; it is effective, rational and revealing.
Pray:That the Church will be an effective voice for the kingdom; pray for courage and strength to live according to the word of God.
31Read:1 Corinthians 13
Consider:To be a follower of Christ is to take a stand on the values of faith, hope and love, with love prevailing above all else. Love needs to be the driving characteristic of what motivates our actions.
Pray:For Rev. Imran Malik as he moves to take up the appointment of Superintendent in our circuit.