The Methodist Church in Scotland – Ayrshire and Renfrewshire Circuit

Praying Through June In Ayrshire and Renfrewshire Circuit

1Read:Romans 11: 33-36
Consider:Do you ever second-guess how God will answer your prayers? Have you ever been surprised that having prayed fervently, things have worked out in a different way?
Pray:Pour out your praise to God, whose wisdom and knowledge constantly bring about his great plan for you, and for the whole world;salvation through Jesus Christ.
2Read:John 14: 1
Consider:To know Jesus is to know the Way, the Truth and the Life of God.
People want to hold on to something that is genuine and real.
There is nothing nor anyone who is more genuine or real than God.
Pray:That you might seek Christ and make him known today.
3Read:Psalm 139: 23
Consider:Have you ever wondered about this verse? God knows every heart. Rather than giving God permission to search his heart, perhaps the Psalmist wanted him to throw light on any reservations, unbelief or secrets he may have been harbouring. The shape of words.
Pray:In silence – open your heart to God giving him time to show you those things that cause you anxiety, keep you from fully trusting him, or old resentments. Pray that he will give you courage to let them go.
4Read:Ephesians 5: 8
Consider:What is the difference between night and day?
If we walk in darkness, it is harder for people to recognize us.
If we walk in the light, we can show others the way.
Pray:Today, dear Lord, light up my path, that I might lead another to you.
5Read:Acts 9: 19b-28
Consider:Is there anything in this story which surprises you?
Pray:Let us build a house where love can dwell and all can safely live,
a place where saints and children tell how hearts learn to forgive.
Built of hopes and dreams and visions, rock of faith and vault of grace;
here the love of Christ shall end divisions: all are welcome in this place.
StF 409, Marty Haugen (b 1950)
6Read:Mark 3: 20-35
Consider:Many Christians experience disinterest or even disapproval from family for living a life of faith. How do you explain your faith to those who might not understand your way of life?
Pray:Give thanks for your church family. Pray for our Minister, Robert, and all who share the gospel message, which encourages and inspires .
7Read:Luke 9: 1-6
Consider:Look at verse 3 again. Is there anything which might prevent you from sharing Jesus with someone else?
Pray:Take the time to call my name, take the time to mend
who I am and what I’ve been, all I’ve failed to tend.
StF 513, John L Bell (b 1949) and Graham Maule (1958-2019)

8Read:Romans 8: 31-32
Consider:Post-pandemic Church has the opportunity to review and renew its mission.
How would you like to see your church engage in mission in these days?
Pray:For insight and courage to re-imagine the Church engaging with all aspects of society; for our three congregations at Barrhead, Girvan and Paisley.
9Read:Job 23: 8-10
Consider:Do you always feel the presence of God with you, or sometimes feel alone and unable to find Him?
How does either experience affect the way you think?
Pray:It’s me, it’s me, O Lord, standing in the need of prayer.
It’s me, it’s me, O Lord, standing in the need of prayer.
StF 523, African-American traditional song
10Read:Psalm 145
Consider:Are you a glass half-full or a glass half-empty type of person?
When we hear or read positive words our way of thinking improves, and we become more resilient.
Pray:Give thanks for the positive message this Psalm offers to us.
Pray that today you might share some positive thoughts and words with someone else.
11Read:Deuteronomy 10: 20-22
Consider:When you look back on your life, do you recognise times when God was leading you?
Pray:Lord, for the years your love has kept and guided,
urged and inspired us, cheered us on our way,
sought us and saved us, pardoned and provided,
Lord for the years, we bring our thanks today.
StF 470, Timothy Dudley-Smith (b 1926)
12Read:Acts 4: 8-12
Consider:On the night before Jesus was crucified, a terrified Peter denied knowing him. In this story we meet a very different Peter, bold and able to be open about Jesus in a hostile environment.
Pray:O breath of life, come sweeping through us,
revive your Church with life and power;
O breath of life, come, cleanse, renew us,
and fit your Church to meet this hour.
StF 391, Elizabeth Ann Head (1850-1936)
13Read:Mark 4: 26-34
Consider:The Kingdom of God, once seen as insignificant, is living and growing all the time!
Pray:That the power of the gospel message will provide growth in us and through us; for our Minister, Robert, and all who preach and teach in our circuit.
14Read:Ephesians 5: 13-17
Consider:The foolish miss opportunities to make wise use of time and may also have a more fundamental problem: they do not understand God’s purposes.
Pray:For the teaching of the Holy Spirit that we might gain understanding of what God wants for us and for his Church.

15Read:Luke 9: 57-62
Consider:What does it mean to be fully committed? Is there a difference between offering a contribution to and being committed?
Pray:For the three congregations in our circuit; Barrhead, Girvan and Paisley; for those who serve on Church Council; for those who have pastoral responsibilities.
16Read:2 Corinthians 1: 3-7
Consider:It is God’s nature to love and care for his people, especially through times of suffering.
Pray:For those you know who need God’s comfort today.
17Read:Luke 11: 1-4
Consider:Jesus prayed not only on special occasions but also as a regular practice. When and how do you pray?
Pray:That the Spirit will prompt you to prayer, to praise, to give thanks, to seek and honour God.
18Read:Romans 8: 14-17
Consider:Abba is an expression of an extremely close relationship with God.
As adopted children of God we can enjoy that close relationship.
Pray:Abba Father, let me be yours and yours alone.
May my will forever be evermore your own.
Never let my heart grow cold, never let me go,
Abba Father, let me be yours and yours alone.
StF 439, Dave Bilborough (b 1965)
19Read:Exodus 4: 1-5
Consider: Verse 2 “What is that in your hand?” Whatever we hold in our hands, the Lord needs it, even if we think it’s worthless. His power makes whatever we offer useful and productive.
Pray:That God will show you how best you might serve him in the mission of the Church.
20Read:Mark 4: 35-41
Consider:In our modern society, have we stopped believing in miracles?
What miracle would you like to see in your church, in your community?
Pray:For our Minister, Robert, as he leads us through this time of change.
21Read:1 Peter 1: 5-9
Consider:Peter was an eye-witness to all that Jesus did!
What could you share of what God is doing in your church/in your life?
Pray:Thank God for the work of the Holy Spirit in the church and in your life.

22Read:Jeremiah 1: 4-8
Consider:God calls us unexpectedly, and to our way of thinking, when we are least prepared. Is God calling you to serve him now?
Pray:For an ear to hear God’s voice and a heart to serve him as he directs.
23Read:John 4: 7-14
Consider:“Living water” is like a bubbling and overflowing fountain through which the life of Jesus flows out like rivers. “Sir,” she said, “give me this water…”
Pray:That the life of Jesus in you will bubble and overflow like a fountain and flow out to refresh those you meet today.
24Read:1 Peter 1: 18-19
Consider:God created us for himself: through Adam man sold himself into slavery: God through Jesus paid the price to set us free.
Pray:Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Jesus, thank you, Lord, for loving me.
You went to Calvary, there you died for me, thank you, Lord, for loving me,
You went to Calvary, there you died for me, thank you, Lord, for loving me.
Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Jesus, thank you, Lord, for loving me.
(Alison Revell)
25Read:Isaiah 40: 1-5
Consider:The first 39 chapters of Isaiah speak of a future exile. People were living with uncertainty and filled with questions about the future and their survival. From Chapter 40, Isaiah speaks to those fears and concerns.
Pray:Thank God for his promise never to abandon us but to walk with us through every sphere of life.
26Read:John 6: 16-21
Consider:This is a story of Jesus coming to join his disciples at a difficult time, willing to get into the same boat and bringing his peace.
Pray:If you are troubled today, make room for Jesus to join you. Pray for those who are anxious or troubled.
27Read:Mark 5: 21-43
Consider:Two stories intertwined; can you see how they might be linked?
Pray:For those who suffer; for those who are homeless; for those disabled by drug and alcohol abuse; for those who have no hope.
28Read:Matthew 18: 1-5
Consider:In this world, where independence is seen as a strength, how easy is it to be utterly trusting and totally dependent on God?
Pray:For our Minister, Robert; for our three congregations at Barrhead, Girvan and Paisley; for strength to trust God for the future mission of our circuit.
29Read:Matthew 16: 13-19
Consider:Who do you say that Jesus is? Who do you say it to?
Pray:That the Church will become a signpost to Jesus, the Saviour; that you will allow the Spirit to shine through all you say and do today to light up the pathway for someone to accept God’s love.
30Read:Luke 13: 6-9
Consider:A year has four seasons. Each season has its purpose. From what you know of the seasons and of growth, how might you try to get the fig tree to blossom and fruit again?
Pray:We come to you with no pretence, yet nourished by your grace. We come as people needing love within this time and place.

We come confessing all we are, yet all we have to give.
We ask for your renewing power to teach us how to live.

We need your Spirit to be strong, your risking, leaping faith,
that brings the love of God to bear in every aching space.

Then from this point, restored, renewed, we pledge to take your way;
to live responding to your call with each succeeding day.
StF 435, Andrew Pratt (b 1948)